Is 5$ Pizza worth ‘Karen’s Name’? Domino’s Pizza’s ‘Karen’ promo criticised for being in Denial

It’s a tough time to be a Karen, which is why Domino’s wanted to

do some good and send some free pizza their way.

Dominos Pizza’s latest promotion offering “good” Karens a chance to win free pizza had come under fire. The pizza franchise launched the competition on 28th July 2020, offering 100 Kiwis named Karen the chance to win free pizza via the company’s Facebook page.

But people had taken it to social media to criticise the company for poorly understanding the context of the “Karen” meme.

The name Karen had become an insult for all woman and it was perceived as entitled or demanding.

A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others. In 2020, the name Karen had become synonymous with white women who call police on people of colour in the United States.

Complaints on Domino’s Facebook post focused on the privilege usually afforded to “Karens”.

“Dominos New Zealand, I would like to speak to your manager, please! I cannot believe the ignorance displayed in this post and the narrative you are trying to spin on this. There is so much context missing from this and you. Domino’s NZ had failed to recognise the harm this post had caused. An Individual suggested dominos to take the promo down immediately and publicly apologise,” one post said.

“Can we nominate the Karen that thought this was a good marketing ploy in this climate for a demotion? Are you guys tone-deaf or just dumb? Delete this,” another wrote.

“Since when has it been a ‘tough time’ to be white,” another poster asked.

Other people who took to social media suggested the company find more worthy causes.

“Why don’t you give pizzas to people who actually need it? Like the people who are homeless and have no food security? Foodbank vouchers?” one person suggested.

Well, Dominos continuous to dominate the market with their Negative Marketing tactics and low-quality food ingredients leading to local business compromise on their quality and pricing.

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